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A complete replacement for Microsoft Outlook





Built for the Microsoft email ecosystem

What will Hiri do for me?

Send tasks to your team

Send actionable emails and delegate others to your team. Sending tasks using Hiri reduces ambiguity about who needs to do what.

Stay focused

On average we check our mail 96 times a day. Our dashboard nudges you out of this habit. So you can focus on your work.

Keep track of important emails

Set reminders on emails that you can't deal with immediately, or quickly drag them into your task list, where you can set due dates or reminders.

Improve how you communicate

Annonymously learn what your colleagues really think about your communication style. Without honest feedback, how can you improve?

Never forget what you asked people to do

View a list of all the emails where you specifically asked your team to do something. Quickly ping them for status updates.

Stay on top of your day

Your task list is a first class citizen, it's always visible in Hiri. Prioritise and manage your tasks so that you never forget what's next.