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“My favourite feature of Hiri is the way it asks you to explicitly separate emails you send into two groups. Ones that are just an FYI, and ones that require further action. It’s a very simple idea but one that I think could be incredibly effective.“

"If I were running a company, I'd definitely give Hiri a whirl"

A complete
replacement for
Microsoft Outlook

  • Emails
  • Tasks
  • Calendars
  • Contacts

Super features with super powers

Email and tasks live side by side

Just drag an email into the To-do list on the right hand side.
Prioritise. Set reminders. Add notes.

Only 10% of the mails you receive every day are actionable

Separate what you need to do from what you just need to know about

Triage your emails by dragging them to the Actionable filter

Drag emails you just need to read to the FYI filter

It's the easiest way to separate the things you need to do from the things you just need to know about

Deal with your emails

Once you triaged your emails deal with it. Reply, Delegate, Archive, Delete, add it to your to-do list or set a reminder.

  • Average time spent dealing with email
  • Time spent on other work

Stop checking your email so often.

On average we check our email 96 times a day! That's every 5 minutes. Emails shouldn't be dealt with immediately. The dashboard reminds you not to check your email too often

Built for Microsoft Office 365 & Exchange 2010

Hiri is fully compatible with Office365 and Exchange. Your emails, calendars, folders and everything else will sync with Hiri.

More features...

Security and privacy
You install Hiri on your desktop, on your network, behind your firewall. You use the same servers and credentials you use right now.
Fewer CC’s
Our Reply Multiple feature lets users choose who actually needs to get a mail. No more senseless Reply All’s.
Full calendar
We’ve built a beautiful calendar to help you manage your day and get back in control.
Powerful Search
Hiri stores your mail in a proper database, which means search is blazingly fast and effective.
7 day free trial
View our pricing page for monthly or annual subscriptions after that.
Enterprise ready
Hiri was built for big companies and is used in Fortune 500 companies.
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